Doffing and Donning


  • Be sure to consult trained medical personnel before wearing your stockings for the first time.
  • It is very important that the stockings are the correct size and fit you exactly.
  • Never fold over the top seam. This will double the pressure which can lead to dangerous constriction.
  • If the pain in your legs increases when you are wearing your medical compression stockings, or if you feel unwell, you must consult your doctor or a suitable specialist immediately.
  • Please make sure you wear suitable shoes that will not damage the sheer knitted fabric of your medical compression stockings.
  • Certain creams, ointments and oils can destroy your stockings or leave unsightly stains.
  • If you use and care for your stockings according to the instructions they will have a useful life of 6 months. After this period the medical efficacy can no longer be guaranteed, and we recommend you buy new stockings.

Donning Stockings

Sharp or cracked finger nails, rough skin, sharp-edged rings, bracelets, or wristwatches can damage the sheer knitted fabric of your VENOSAN® medical compression stockings when you are putting them on or taking them off. It is, therefore, advisable to wear perfectly ordinary kitchen gloves. Please proceed as follows:

Step 1

Make sure that neither your feet nor your legs are wet or even damp. Talcum powder can be helpful if necessary.

Step 2

Turn the leg of the stocking inside out down as far as the heel, i.e. except for the foot, the inside of your VENOSAN® stocking must be facing outwards.

Step 3

Use both thumbs to stretch the foot of the stocking open and pull your VENOSAN® stocking over your foot.

Step 4

Grip the upper edge of the stocking and pull it over your heel.

Step 5

Once all the leg of the stocking is above your ankle, reach inside with both thumbs and massage the fabric up your leg with a zigzag movement.


Since your VENOSAN® stockings are made of highly elastic material it is very important that you do not pull the top seam up as hard as you can. The stocking has to be massaged upwards in a series of side-to-side movements as described under 5 above.

Doffing Stockings

Step 1

Pull the upper seam of the leg down to the ankle.

Step 2

Press both thumbs between the strap and the leg and pull it over your heel.

Step 3

Slowly pull the stocking over your foot.